Although the diagnosis is not promising, the fact that you dealt with the family in such a holistic manor left us feeling truly uplifted. There was not an area of care and future plans that you failed to address. I cannot thank you enough for your concern, compassion and professionalism....

Delgrosso Family

.......My family and I were thrilled with your thorough examination of my aunt, and the new medications you put her on seem to give her a better quality of life.  The care and compassion you showed to me and my family and the thorough understanding of how difficult this has been - we have not seen with any other doctors.
I work in a field helping the elderly.  I will be recommending all families set up a meeting with you to help their loved ones and give them the support and guidance needed with this difficult disease.                                                                                    
Melissa Mechler
Wilkes Barre,PA

Dr. Cornacchione and his staff have been absolutely wonderful.  They have all treated my mother with extreme kindness....... They have provided us with a wealth of information, resources and the most superior care.  I will be forever grateful to them......

Wilkes Barre, PA