Early Diagnosis


Benefits of early diagnosis:

  • Possibility of improving or slowing down the progression of symptoms of the disease

  • Understanding of behavioral changes

  • Find reversible causes of memory impairment and dementia

  • Early opportunity to chart patient's memory status

  • Access to counseling and social services

  • Time to plan for the future

  • Time to educate yourself so you know more about what to expect

  • Chance to become involved in support programs for caregivers

  • Caregivers can learn early on how to reduce their stress and potential health problems of their own.

At the Northeastern Pennsylvania Memory & Alzheimer’s Center, we offer the most advanced therapies and the best care in Northeast Pennsylvania for patients suffering from cognitive and memory difficulties associated with dementia. While there is no cure at this time for Alzheimer’s disease, current medications can help delay the onset of or reduce bothersome symptoms, and help you lead a more satisfying life.