Driving and Dementia

Some persons in early stages of dementia may have sufficient insight into their driving abilities to make adjustments. They should be given the opportunity to make decisions about driving, if safety is not compromised.

Over time, these individuals will become incapable of accurately assessing their driving skills. In progressive dementia, the disease will eventually rob the driver of skills necessary for safe driving. In these cases, families and Dr. Cornacchione must collaborate to protect the individual and may need to take immediate unilateral action.

Families of persons with dementia may not realize that getting lost in familiar places is a serious warning sign. Persons who are confused and forgetful may also lack the ability to respond appropriately to ever-changing road conditions.

Families should be vigilant about observing driving behavior. Firsthand knowledge of driving behavior will help families know if and when they need to intervene.

For more information on dementia and driving talk to us and see:

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